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Who We Are

We are an engineering consultancy company that delivers tailor made engineering services specific to unique manufacturing, industrial and mining sectors. We treat each client differently and offer competing engineering solutions and expertise that bring value and promotes the reliability of plant equipment. Effective plant reliability is our passion and we would like to share it with you, we believe in harnessing new emerging but sustainable technologies to solve perennial and unique asset problems. We share a deep sense of responsibility in looking after the environment and are advocates in renewable energy systems.


  • to become an icon and strong pillar in modern asset management and plant reliability.
  • to invest back into emerging economies by introducing new sustainable technologies improving the livelihoods of ordinary people.


  • we aim to deliver excellent results, reliability, & reliance.

Meet Our Consultants

Alex Grant

Electrical Engineering Consultant

Ronald Pamire

Mechanical Engineering Consultant

Sharon Masango

Workplace Health & Safety Consultant

Frank Iannelli

Electrical Engineering Consultant